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Are you a great leader?

Leadership Coaching!

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As a leader, your primary responsibilities are crucial to the success of your organization: building a compelling, trusting, and healthy culture, coaching and developing your people, and scaling your business. However, leading others can be challenging, and knowing where to start can be the toughest part. That's where we come in. 

We specialize in helping leaders like you become great leaders by identifying what you need to focus on. If you're serious about having a meaningful impact on those around you, it's time to take a holistic review of your leadership, your organization, and how you lead others.

Our Leadership Coaching Service provides you with the knowledge and guidance you need to be a successful leader, including:

  • Self-awareness as a leader

  • Tips for setting objectives and goals

  • Change management leadership skills

  • Guidance on leading and working with others

  • Insight into which direction to focus

  • Coaching, feedback, and immediate advice you can apply today

  • Guidance on organizational alignment and goals

If you're not quite ready yet, email us and we'll send you an assessment. Let us help you become the great leader your organization needs.


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Our Coaches Mission


Our mission is to develop exceptional leaders who can inspire and empower others to become great leaders themselves, thereby making a positive impact on the global community.

Leadership Coaches


Pricing varies depending on the case.

  1. For short-term services: We offer hourly rates only. Hourly rates depend on the needs of the case. For more information, use the contact page

  2. Long-term services: For long-term services, prices can vary per case. Prices are contingent on the services. For more information, use the contact page

  3. 6-month services: For 6 months of service plans, we offer a one-time flat rate for the entire 6 months. Prices can vary depending on the needs of the leader. 


A deposit is due 72 hours before services start. Each plan requires a deposit. All deposits are non-refundable. 

Leadership Coaching Approach

Self Evaluation

  • Self-evaluation of leadership

  • Complete Assessments

  • Define the topic and needs 

  • Develop a comprehensive plan and set goals and benchmarks for success

  • Initiate A Plan

  • Utilize tools and resources

  • Clear and concise mission and vision alignment 

One-on-One Direct Coaching

  • Self-awareness and prioritize personal development

  • Confront Excuses/Resistance

  • Commitment to lead by example

  • Core values 

  • Personalize coaching on goals and specific guidance around leadership

  • Confident Leader


Working with Others

  • The ability to inspire and convince others

  • Develop others

  • Supportive Leader

  • Active Listening Skills

  • Empathy

  • Build rapport and commitment 

  • Addressing challenges

  • Core values 

Overall Effectiveness 

  • Equity Lens

  • Strategic thinking skills

  • Flexibility

  • Change Management

  • Time management and organizational technique

  • Cross-cultural communication

  • Establish Impact

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