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JME Edwards L.L.C. FAQ

We coach, consult, and support your business and guide you on your path to success.



Can I receive a refund? Please review our Terms of Service page about a refund, deposits, and processing fees,

What are my payment options?  We use a third-party secured system to process payments. Invoices are sent via Wave Financial Software or Paypal. Customers/Clients can use Paypal, debit, or credit cards (Visa, Master, American Express, etc.) to make payments. 


What does payment look like for services? We create quotes/invoices based on the needs of our customer/client during the initial consultation. All service payments are custom to the needs of our customers/clients.  

How do I book an appointment? Depending on the services you need, you can book an appointment online by using Book Online JME Edwards, Book Online Careers Champs, or if you are not sure about the services you need, you can email us at,, or use the Contact Page.

How do I know that my service(s) will be completed with quality, and how do we/you keep track of the progress of service(s)? To ensure that we provide quality services, we outline both parties (the consulting and coach) and (the clients/customers) roles, responsibilities, and expectations in a contract signed via DocuSign by both parties. The contract includes the terms of the service, deadlines, specific meetings or progress meeting dates, goals, fees, and service expiration. It is the toolkit and glue to how we ensure consistency and quality of services.

What if I would like to change my service(s) deadline? Speak with the consultant or coach assigned to you for additional options. 

What if I'm not satisfied with my service(s)? Our goal is to ensure that we provide quality services. This is why at the start of service, we ask our customer/client many questions so that we are clear and concise on the service we provide. When it doesn't meet our customer/client needs, we use various solutions such as gathering feedback, demo meetings, progress meetings, setting goals and benchmarks to measure success. Our customers and clients are a priority, and we promise to meet our customer's/clients' needs. 

When can I start service? After the consultation, the customer/client will receive an email with the next steps. Service is started after the customer/client received a recap of service email from one of our Champions of Excellence teammates.  The recap of service email includes the non-refundable deposit and the outlined service. The customer/client is expected to pay the initial deposit for service, confirm that the outlined service request is accurate, respond to the email, and wait for the generated contract to be sent. Service(s) will officially start after the non-refundable deposit is paid and the contract is signed. 

How do you collect information about me? For more information about your privacy, please review our Privacy Policy.  Additionally, if we need to collect more information about you or the desired service, we send off a secured link to collect more information. This link requires you to either agree or disagree with the outline terms of that particular link. All information collected is never shared and is always secured.  Note: If you disagree with the link's terms, we cannot further support your needs.  

When are services completed? What is expected of me? Services completion dates are discussed during the consultation. At the expiration of a contract, customers/clients will receive a secured link to complete a survey for feedback. All customers/clients are expected to complete this survey for feedback as it requires the customer/client to also share their testimony. At the start of service, the customer/client is expected to complete a commitment form that outlines the customer commitment when working with JME Edwards LLC or Careers Champs. 

This page is frequently updated. Last update: 7/5/2022

We are the Champions of Excellence! 

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