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JME Edwards L.L.C

We coach, consult, and support your business and guide you on your path to success.


Core Values: Our values of integrity, honesty, commitment, equity in heart, exceptional services, and strong collaboration, are important to us.

Mission: Our mission at JME Edwards L.L.C. is to establish and leverage strong partnerships, provide exceptional customer satisfaction, and empower individuals, families, companies, or organizations to become better for others. We achieve this by offering quality resources at the right time to maximize our clients’ potential. We value time and teamwork, and we strive to be the best in customer satisfaction and results. As we grow, we remain committed to our core values, which are collaboration, expertise, equity, individual excellence, and inventiveness.

Our core values of collaboration, equity, individual excellence, and inventiveness shape our approach to business, and we are dedicated to continually improving our processes and services with the help of our clients/customers. Our staff are experts who are happy, ambitious, and celebrate success, whether it's individual or team-based. We strive to maintain a competitive edge through innovative teamwork and technology.

Vision: At JME Edwards L.L.C., we have a vision of contributing to global communities by promoting sustainable and economic growth through partnerships. We aim to provide top-notch expertise in business or organizational design planning, advocacy, outreach, leadership support, educational resources, and more to guide and support our clients/customers in making a difference in the world. Our services are designed to be effective, efficient, and built to last, ensuring strong relationships and reciprocal benefits for all. We are dedicated to providing exceptional and quality services to individuals around the world with integrity, innovation, and a focus on sustainability.


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