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JME Edwards LLC

We coach, consult, and support your business and guide you on your path to success.


Core Values: Our values of integrity, honesty, commitment, equity in heart, exceptional services, and strong collaboration, are important to us.

Mission: We are committed to growing our business through leveraging and establishing strong partnerships and by placing the importance of providing exceptional and quality customer satisfaction. Our mission is to work with individuals, families, companies, or organizations in becoming better individuals for others through ensuring that we provide quality and appropriate resources at the right time to maximize our clients’ potential.


We must inspire, empower, and share knowledge and work for others by valuing the time and teamwork put into the effort to drive forward their desired outcomes. We want to be the best when it comes to customer satisfaction and results. As our business continues to grow, we work hard to keep our values at the core of our operation.


We, JME Edwards, are a company that values strong collaboration, expertise, equity, individual excellence, and inventiveness where people care about each other, share their knowledge, and work freely. We strive for excellence and aim to exceed expectations. We work daily and hard to achieve our goals, and we reassure our staff are experts that are happy and ambitious. We always celebrate success, whether a team or individuals. We are a company that will aim to retain a competitive edge through innovating teamwork and technology. We are always looking to improve our business processes and services with the help of our clients/customers.

Vision: JME Edwards aims to take a partnership approach that will work to contribute to global communities. Our partnerships help us drive better solutions for our global communities as we promote sustainable and economic growth. Through our skilled and top-notch expertise in business or organization design planning, advocacy, and outreach, leadership support, educational resources, plus more, we guide and support our clients/customers so that they can contribute and make a difference within our global communities. We work determinedly to ensure that our services are of quality, are reciprocally effective and efficient for all, and endeavor to uphold strong relationships. Our work in supporting and guiding our clients/customers is built to sustain in the environment so that we are reaching beyond the potential roadblocks, as our work allows us to innovatively provide exceptional and quality services to individuals around the world effectively, efficiently, and with integrity.

We support:

  • Leadership support and coaching (on all levels)

  • Professional development

  • Advocacy and Outreach (working with legislators, community engagement, etc.)

  • Businesses or Organizational Design Plans

  • Educational Resources or Educational Counseling

  • College Applications

  • Job Applications

  • Tutoring Services

  • Support in finding quality and high performing educational environments

  • Formalizing or developing positive committees or groups (i.e., POC’ committees, Black committees, schools affinity groups, etc.)

  • Policy Analysis and Audits 

  • Equity Analysis and Audits 


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