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Dr. John M. Edwards (Certified Life Coach)

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Thank you for taking the time to learn a little about John. 


Dr. John Edwards is a professional life coach and career coach who guides adults to find their true potential in life. Dr. Edwards started his life coaching journey in 2016 to help other professional adults like him deal with the sometimes overwhelming life choices and decisions. 

Prior to life coaching, Dr. Edwards has spent 10 plus years working in both public and private sector environments supporting educators in cultivating students with development tools that will guide them to a successful place in life. Dr. Edwards is an experienced thought leader in the public education sector that roots his work in student’s best interests. In fact, Dr. Edwards has had the privilege to work with public education policies, designing and implementing effective projects, statewide DEI initiatives, and with local, state, and federal legislators on supporting public education initiatives.


John puts kids’ education first by his professional and genuine interest in policies, equity, and outcomes of excellence, which he inspires to continue this work by working with many other organizations. He earned his BA from the University of Memphis. He also holds a Master of Public Administration and a Doctorate in Organizational Leadership. Today Dr. Edwards offers a wide range of coaching programs and services - from individual coaching, to seminars and keynote speeches. To contact John, please use the contact form below. 

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