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What do we do?

Educational Consultants and Coaches

With partnerships and relationships at the forefront, JME Edwards promises to utilize field expertise to ensure effective and efficient support that optimizes opportunities for global competition. We work extremely hard daily to support communities, businesses, or organizations. As we hope to provide quality services, we guarantee ongoing services of exceptional and well-maintained results, ensuring that we consult and coach for the suitable needs or resources. Each case is unique and handle with care. We compare our consultants and coaches to the needs and abilities of families. 


  • Our consultants and coaches are education experts who work with students and their families to evaluate and identify the most appropriate school, program, resources of needs for each child. The consultant guides the student and family through the application process.

  • Our consultants and coaches can also help families with students who have learning differences. Part of that assistance might involve helping families find the right school or program and the best services that are appropriate for a child's success.


Our consultants and coaches consist of teachers, counselors, school leaders, social workers, mentors, and much more. 


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Our Educational Consultants and Coaches Mission


To serve communities that lack the resources needed to set youth up for success, so that, they are able to purposely contribute to the global community.

Educational Consultants and Coaches Prices


Pricing varies depending on the case.

Short-term quick services:


  1. For short-term services, we offer hourly rates only. Hourly rates for educational consultants. Hourly rates depend on the needs of the case. For more information use the contact page

  2. Long-term services: For long-term services prices can vary per case. Prices are contingent on the services. For more information use the contact page

  3. 6-month services: For 6 months of service plans, we offer a one-time flat rate for the entire 6 months. Prices can vary and are subject to change depending on the needs of the family or child.


A deposit is due 72 hours before services start. Each plan requires a deposit. All deposits are non-refundable. 

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